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Hello and welcome

We are a small start-up company based near Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Our team consists of five friends. With backgrounds in business, web development, engineering and biomedical research we form a very diverse team.

FairShares strives towards making it easier to get insight into your carbon emissions and to enable you to contribute your fair share with the use of a simple app.

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”

Howard Zinn

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Our philosophy

The idea for FairShares was founded in 2019 after many discussions about global warming and rising carbon emissions around the kitchen table. We were all missing a clear insight into what the true emissions are of the products we buy, how we heat our homes, and the way we travel. Additionally, we were all willing to pay for the carbon emissions we are causing with our lifestyle but had no idea how to. We wanted to pay our fair share but had no way to do so… That is when the idea for FairShares App was born.

We develop our app in-house, so we know what we are sending to you and what happens to the data we collect. Also, additions and adjustments to the app are easy to make.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to send us a message. We take all comments seriously.

FairShares strives to be transparent about what we do.

How we Work

We strive to run a transparent business. We are currently using data from Milieu Centraal and RIVM, amongst others, to give us (first) insight into which activities and products consume the most CO2 in Dutch households.

We purchase Plan Vivo Certificates, or CO2 certificates, through Taking Root. With the purchase of these certificates we support small farmers to plant trees on their propperties. In this way we are fighting poverty and deforestation in the areas where Taking Root is active. Trees consist of ~ 50% carbon (C), with the planting of new trees more CO2 is actively removed from the atmosphere.

The certificates we buy have a value of 1000 kg CO2 and an unique number. We cut these certificates in small pieces (of 1 kg), so that you can clean up small amounts of CO2 with a tap on your screen in the FairShares App. When a certificate is completed, in other words 1000 kg of CO2 has been cleaned up, we will ensure that this certificate is destroyed in our IHSMarkit account. We try to make this process as transparent as possible for you, our users.

In this way, by cleaning up your CO2 emissions via FairShares, you contribute to a healthier world. Not only by planting trees that extract CO2 from the air, but also by helping small farmers in developing countries.

“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

More About Us

Our Mission

As the global debate about climate change, our impact on it, and how to minimize both heats up, we want to provide our share of the solution. The definitive solution to global warming is a global negative carbon output, preferably without too many sacrifices to our preferred way of living. As this will take considerable time to achieve and action is necessary immediately, every initiative with an impact is welcome.

FairShares wants to create awareness about what day-to-day activities emit high levels of CO2. So, you (our user) can make a conscious choice on how you treat our planet. We realise that we must take matter in our own hands and only with making small steps we can slowly transition towards a more sustainable planet. In our current economy it is not easy reduce your emissions to zero, therefore offsetting is an effective way to reduce emissions globally.

Planting our Future
The amount of CO2 that is emitted to make a product or to transport it to the place where you can buy it is often not calculated and certainly not included in the price you pay for the product. We do these calculations for you so you can take matters into your own hands by using our app. With our app you can cleanup the carbon emissions of your actions by supporting reforestation projects elsewhere.

How we see our users use the app: Our users are environmentally conscious people that want to reduce their carbon footprint in small steps. But what if you are at your favourite restaurant and want to eat that steak or buy a block of cheese at the supermarket? You know the carbon emissions of these products are high, then you can simply use our app to cleanup the carbon emissions. Or if you are wondering: how much will I emit if I take the car instead of riding my bike or taking the bus on a rainy day? Our users can calculate their emissions and make a well-founded choice.

The Future

In the near future we would like to grow FairShares into a healthy company. In which we can provide our service well, to help our costumers offset and create awareness about their corbon footprint. 

We are looking into the possibilities to develop a local reforestation or food forest project. We are already reserving 1% of our earnings to realize this goal.

On the long term we hope to build a healthier and more conscious planet with you, which would ultimately make the use of our app redundant.